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School Messenger Archive

May 16th: Parking Rules 22-23
April 12th: AP Testing Information
March 30th: Spring Testing
March 21st: Senior Information/Dates
March 3rd: College & Career Fair for Students
February 11th: Rising 9th Grade Registration Info
February 9th: March 1st ACT 
February 4th: Rising Junior Parking Interest List
January 13th: Registration Parent Night January 18th
January 7th: Rising 12th Grade Registration Information
January 7th: Rising 11th Grade Registration Information
January 7th: Rising 10th Grade Registration Information
December 17th: Senior Parking Info 2022-2023
December 13th: Midterm Schedule
October 25th: Character Chats
October 22nd: Senior Information (Graduation Date)
October 21st: School Counseling Parent Night
September 9th: PSAT Reminder for 9th & 11th Graders
September 1st: Upcoming Testing
September 1st: Senior Credit Checks
August 30th: No Open House
August 23rd: Message from the Testing Coordinator
August 20th: Changes to Bright Futures
August 19th: Important Message from Bartram
August 15th: 1st Day of School!

August 14th: Intern Assignments
August 14th: Message from the School Counselors
August 13th: Message from the Dean’s Office
August 12th: COVID & PPE Procedures
August 11th: PM & Lunch Procedures 
August 10th: AM Procedures
August 9th: Medication Drop Off
August 8th: Schedule Preview
August 6th: District Open House Information
August 4th: Locker Sign Up
August 3rd: Schedule Preview
July 28th: Parent Workshop
July 27th: PE Uniforms
July 20th: Freshmen Orientation Information
June 16th: Start of Summer Information

March 23rd: Class of 2021 QR Code Senior Events
March 19th: Testing Information Approaching 
March 17th: Parent Survey 
March 16th: Senior Information 
March 4th: AP Administration 20-21
February 23rd: Rising 9th Grade Registration OPEN
February 22nd: VIRTUAL 8th Grade Night
February 22nd: Dress Code Reminder
February 3rd: Parking Information rising Juniors 21-22
February 3rd: Parking Information Rising Seniors 21-22
January 28th: Upcoming Registration 21-22
January 13th: BTHS On Campus Dual Enrollment
September 10th: Dean Information
September 9th: School Counselor Information 
September 8th: Lockers 
September 8th: Updated Health Screening Form
September 3rd: PSAT Sign Up 11th Grade 
August 31st: Attendance Procedures
August 30th: 1st Day of School!
August 27th: Verifying School Option 20-21
August 27th: Link Crew Orientation Video
August 26th: Afternoon & Lunch Procedures 
August 26th: Medication Drop Off
August 25th: AM Procedures
August 24th: 1 WEEK UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS! District Letters & Required School Forms 
August 24th: Textbook Pick Up for Distance Learners 
August 24th: Schedules Open 
August 13th: Schedule Preview Link
August 12th: Distance Learning Video
August 3rd: Distance Learning vs Brick & Mortar Options
July 31st: Link Crew Video Presentation Update
July 23rd: Class of 2020 Photo Opportunity
July 21st: Schedule Preview Delayed
July 16th: Distance Learning Update BTHS
July 14: FAQ
July 16: Distance Learning
July: Save the Date Class of 2020 
July: Schedule Preview 1st Alert 
July 22: Schedule Preview Aug 31

Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony
CLASS OF 2020 Graduation Program

June 5: Beginning of Summer: Rising Freshmen Letter
June 5: Beginning of Summer: Returning Underclassmen
May 21: Hallway Locker Pickup Request
May 21: Class of 2020: University & Community Scholarships
May 20: Class of 2020: Virtual Graduation Ceremony
May 20: Class of 2020: BTHS Department Recognition
May 19: Underclassmen Textbook Dropoff & Yearbook Pickup (A-K)
May 19: Class of 2020_AYCA
May 18: Senior Packet Pickup & Material Dropoff (Last Names J-Z)
May 18: Class of 2020: STAR Awards
May 17: Underclassmen Material Drop-off
May 17: Senior Packet Pickup & Material Dropoff (Last Names A-I)
May 12: Class of 2020_Upcoming Dates and Info
April 27: Online Graduation Update
April 14: Class of 2020 Updates
March 30: Locker Pickup Request
March 5: REMINDER! Course Review March
February 25: 2020 Senior Class: Upcoming Dates
January 16: Registration Night: Resources & Handouts
January 9: 2020-2021 Parking Permit Information
January 9: Welcome to Bear Nation! 8th Grade Parent Night
January 9: Counselor Registration Workshop: January 13
December 16: 2020-2021 On-Campus Dual Enrollment Info
December 16: 2019 Midterm Procedures & Parent Pickup
December 12: 2020 Start of 2nd Semester Information
November 19: 2019-2020 End of 1st Semester Timeline
October 1: Updated 2019-2020 Student Checkout Procedures
September 13: 2019 PSAT Information
August 21: Start of School Year – School Counseling Information
August 20: Start of School Year_Letter from the Deans’ Office
August 19: 2019-2020 Bear Nation Open House
August 15: REMINDER! 2019 Blitz Day
August 13: Start of School Year – Attendance Information
August 11: Start of School Year – FIRST DAY!
August 9: 1st Day of School – Lunch/End of Day Procedures
August 8: 1st Day of School – Morning Procedures
August 5: Start of School – District Letters & Required Form
August 4: Start of School Year – Upcoming Dates
August 2: Start of School Year – Upperclassmen Lockers
July 31: Start of School Year – 9th Grade Lockers
July 30: REMINDER – Link Crew Freshmen Orientation
July 29: 2019 Student Schedules in HAC Notification
July 25: 2019 Open Campus Information
July 24: 2019 Link Crew Freshmen Orientation Letter
July 17: 2019 Start of School Year_Schedule Preview
July 5: 2019 Schedule Preview Window Update
July 3: AP Score Reports Letter
May 30: Rising Freshmen Summer Information
May 29: 2019 Beginning of Summer Message
May 28: Post-Graduation Letter
May 30, 2019: Rising Freshmen Summer Information
May 29, 2019: 2019 Beginning of Summer Message
May 28, 2019: Post-Graduation Letter
May 22, 2019: Last Days of School Letter
May 21, 2019: LAST SECOND REMINDER! Graduation Information
May 14, 2019: Graduation Ceremony Security Procedures
May 14, 2019: 2019 Graduation_Ceremony Information
April 26, 2019: 2018-2019 AP Testing Upcoming Exam Information
April 15, 2019: REMINDER! Class of 2019 Senior Awards Night
April 15, 2019: AP Exams: Pre-registration Parent Letter
April 10, 2019: Class of 2019 – Upcoming Dates (April 10)
April 9, 2019: Spring 2019 District Exam Schedule Information
April 2, 2019: 2019-2020 Course Request Finalization
March 25, 2019: 2019 Senior Awards Night Information
March 19, 2019: 2019-2020 Rising Senior Registration Letter
March 13, 2019: Spring 2019 Bright Futures Scholarship Handout