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BTHS Registration Information


We will email or call you to set up an appointment to complete your students registration.

Check Your Address Here 2021-2022 – Are you zone for BTHS?

Check Your Address Here 2022-2023 – Will You Zone for BTHS?

2021-2022 Registration Process has opened. To help streamline the process
please wait until you have uploaded all of the required documents to the secure online registration site before submitting your students online application. You are not able to go back and make corrections or additions after you have have submitted the application. 

Online new student registrations are for : Students coming from, Home Education (including FLVS) Private School, Schools from outside our district or State.

Please choose one of the options in the Right-Hand column for the Registraion Application.

 Click here for the : 2021-2022 NEW STUDENT PACKET


  1. School Entry Physical (with Provider Stamp) – dated within 1 year from the students first day of school.
  2. Immunizations – Out of state immunization must be transcribed onto the FL-680 Form. This can be done at the Department of Health in St. Augustine, Care Spot or private -physician. This is state mandated.
  3. Birth Certificate. It is required that we see the original, and will make a copy for our records
  4. Social Security Card – this is not required but recommended as is needed for Bright Futures, and Colleges and Universities recommend it be on student transcripts.
  5. Legal Guardianship / Custody papers (only if applicable.) ** Please see below for further information.
  6. Copy of EP / IEP or 504  (only if applicable.)
  7. Residency (click here for residency information.)
  8. Students school records / official or unofficial transcripts, report card, transfer grades.  (We will request records; however we request parents provide records for the course selection meeting – as they are required at the High School Level.)

**Pursuant to School Board Rule 5.05(1)(e), when a student resides with a person who is not the student’s parent seeks to enroll in school, the student shall present a court order appointing the person with whom they reside as either their legal guardian or legal custodian or shall present other proper documentation from a state or federal agency placing the child with the person with whom they reside.

Once you have completed the online registration, we will contact you via email to set up a registration appointment. At this time we will let you know if there are documents still required to complete your students registration. Please note: We are not able to complete the registration until all required documents have been received.  The Course selection portion of your students registration will take place via phone. Please email if you need to drop off documents prior to driving over.

*** We will request records prior to the course selection portion of the registration, however we  require that you have at minimum unofficial records. (This is required for BT High School registration.)

Welcome to Bear Country! 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].
Fax: 904-547-8807

We are not providing tours at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience.