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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial aid is any resource that can assist in off-setting the cost of college. It covers such expenses as books and supplies, tuition and fees, room and board, and transportation. Typically students/families will apply for financial aid at four levels: Federal, State, Institutional and Private Aid. Note: No one should assume they will not qualify for financial aid! Scholarships and university programs consider a wide range of factors when awarding money for education.

Federal Student Aid        
Federal student aid is money that students can use to help pay for college. There are three main types of aid: grants, work-study and loans.
Who gets it?       Everyone should apply for federal student aid regardless of income.
How to apply?    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
When to apply? FAFSA becomes available October 1 of a student’s senior year . Students should apply    EVERY October 1st throughout college.
Tools and Resources to help you Prepare
Federal Student Aid Website (FAFSA)

How to fill out the FAFSA
How to create your FSA ID

State Financial Aid      
State student aid is money that students can use to help pay for college. There are many grants and scholarships available but Bright Futures and First Generation Grant are the most common.
Who gets it?    Everyone should apply for Florida financial aid regardless of income, GPA, or test scores.
How to apply?     Complete the Florida Financial Aid Application
When to apply?  The Florida financial aid application becomes available October 1. Students should apply as soon as possible senior year.

Institutional Financial Aid     (Scholarships  offered from Specific Schools)
Institutional (college/university) student aid is money that students can use to help pay for college. Often times the college or university will require a separate application for aid.
Who gets it?    Students should talk to the college’s financial aid office to determine what the
qualifications are for their financial aid.
How to apply? Colleges usually have a separate application process for financial aid. Check the schools      website to determine how you should apply for financial aid.
When to apply? Financial aid deadlines vary from school to school but keep checking the schools
website, and apply as soon as possible.

Private Aid         (Check out the Scholarships located on BTHS Guidance Link!)
Scholarships can come from a variety of sources.
Who gets it?         There are many different scholarships that are available to many different students.
How to apply?     There are many ways to find scholarships. Click link for tips and ways to find scholarships.
When to apply?   Start thinking about and applying for scholarships in 9th grade! If you qualify, apply!