College Visits

This page is NOT yet updated for the 2017-2018 school year.

Updated information is coming soon!

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for Juniors and Seniors

Each school year, colleges and universities come to BTHS for a College Visit where they host an informational meeting about their school.  If junior and senior students wish to attend, they must sign up at the Guidance desk no later than one day prior to the visit.    

*** Juniors and seniors should discuss their interest in attending a College Visit with the classroom teacher in advance of the sessionClassroom demands should continue to be the priority for all students. ***

As soon as a College Visit is scheduled, this page is up-dated!

School     Date       Time          Location     
University of South Florida  Sept. 2nd 3rd period  Auditorium
 University of Central Florida Sept. 9th  5th period  Auditorium
 University of North Florida Sept. 19th  5th period Auditorium 
 University of Florida Oct. 4th 3rd period Auditorium
 Florida Southern College Oct. 13th 6th period Auditorium 
University of Georgia Oct. 14th 5th period Auditorium
 University of South Carolina  Oct. 18th 3rd period Auditorium
  Valdosta State University  Oct. 20th  2nd period Auditorium
 University of Alabama   Oct. 31st    5th period Auditorium