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This page is NOT yet updated for 2017-2018.

Updated information is coming soon!

Want to keep track of your individual GPA? Please check-out the GPA Calculator: GPA Calculator 

FSA Scale Score information is listed for the Grade 10 FSA ELA, FSA Geometry and FSA Algebra 1:  FSA Scale Score 2016

Junior Classroom Presentation

On November 21st & 22nd, Juniors received a customized Credit Detail sheet during classroom presentations given by school counselors through all American History courses.  School counselors provided a Junior Presentation and a timeline of activities junior students need to discuss with parents. See here the Junior Packet of Information also provided to every junior to assist them as they move through the 2016-17 school year. Many juniors still think of themselves as having “just been a sophomore” but it is time to change that thinking to students who are just shy of “becoming seniors!” Beginning the week of January 23rd, the Bartram Trail High School REGISTRATION OFFICE will coordinate our campus-wide process of assisting our RISING SENIORS with course selections for the 2017-18 school year.


This packet of information is valuable for seniors who will apply to a university or college.

Senior Packet 2016-17

SENIOR Classroom Presentation

Counselors provided individual Credit Analysis sheets during senior English classes September 26th through September 29th. Students reviewed the details about the final items they need to complete to earn a high school diploma. This documentation was supported by a classroom presentation during all senior English classes. See here: Senior Classroom Presentation 2016-17

Students who were absent from class during the presentation or do not have an English course on campus were asked to attend a special session held before school on Tuesday, October 4th at 8:00 am in the Small Cafe at BTHS. 

Freshmen Class of 2020: Coffee with the Counselors

Freshmen parents, thank you for attending Coffee with the Counselors! For those not able to attend, please see the handouts provided for you, here.

Freshmen Class of 2020 Coffee with Counselors Handouts

Freshmen Class of 2020 Coffee with Counselors

Sophomore Class of 2019: Coffee with the Counselors

Sophomore parents, thank you for attending Coffee with the Counselors! For those not able to attend, please see the handouts provided for your sophomores!

Sophomore Coffee with Counselors Class of 2019

Junior Class of 2018: Coffee with the Counselors

Junior parents made a great showing at the Coffee with Counselors event this morning. For those who were not able to attend, we missed you! Below, please find the PowerPoint presentation and a PDF of the handouts made available to families!

Coffee with Counselors Presentation 11th Grade Sept. 2016

Junior Coffee with Counselors Handouts Sept. 2016

Senior Class of 2017: Coffee with the Counselors


Thank you for attending Coffee with the Counselors to recap information important to graduating seniors! Below is the presentation of information for those families who were not able to attend. Please also review the High School Profile to see what colleges and universities receive about Bartram Trail High students!

In addition, we have posted handouts made available to parents during the presentation (two pages in this PDF are blank as this is a scanned document front/back) and a list of senior activities. Please remember that the MOST updated information about senior activities is available under the Seniors tab found in the navigation bar of the BTHS home page titled Student Life.

Senior Coffee with the Counselors Presentation 2016-17

Bartram Trail High School Profile 2016-17

Senior Activities 2016-17

Senior Parent Handouts 2016-17