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Up-dated June 30, 2020

Dear Bartram Trail Bears:
If you made a plan during the BTHS Registration process to participate in the St. Johns River State College dual enrollment program during FALL of the 2020-21 school year, please take a moment to review the information below. This information applies to students taking courses on an SJR State campus.

Dual Enrollment in a BTHS Classroom: Students who have already arranged to participate in dual enrollment courses in a BTHS classroom will follow the process previously communicated by Ms. Roughan and/or Ms. Kisch. HOWEVER, if you are also taking dual enrollment courses on an SJR State campus (including online) you will need to complete the applicable steps outlined below.

Important Fall 2020 Dual Enrollment Updates:

Students will use theBTHS DE Document Portalto upload applicable paperwork for Fall 2020 participation in SJR State dual enrollment if attending classes on one of the college campuses (including online). The only exception to this is NOTED above. Paper copies will not be collected. Do not email the paperwork.

Fillable PDFs of the required documents can be found on the BTHS DE Document Portal, and students must complete the applicable STEPS below to participate. There are three (3) steps you will take to become a dual enrollment student at the college.

Step One:
APPLY by 5/27/2020.

The DEADLINE to APPLY for Fall 2020 dual enrollment is 5/27/2020.
Please read all information for Step One prior to applying.

Only those students who have NOT previously participated as a dual enrollment student through St. Johns River State College will APPLY to the SJR State dual enrollment program for FALL 2020.  If you have already applied on the SJR State web site for Fall 2020 or you participated in dual enrollment this school year or applied to be a Summer dual enrollment student and want to continue in Fall 2020, you do not need to reapply, proceed to step 2.

THE DEADLINE to apply as a NEW dual enrollment student is 5/27/2020.


  • APPLY to SJR State dual enrollment at this link: https://bit.ly/2APhdpC
  • BTHS school code is 100809
  • After you apply online with SJR State, complete the fillable PDF titled “Signature Page for Online Application”
  • Save your PDF document as the following name: “FirstLastName_App”. For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you will save your file as “JaneDoe_App”.
  • Save and UPLOAD your document NO LATER THAN 5/27/2020 to the BTHS DE Document Portal.


STEP TWO: Provide your TEST SCORES to SJR State College
or Sign up to take the PERT test.

If you already have ACT, SAT, or PERT scores that you have not previously provided to SJR State College, please upload your test scores on the BTHS DE Document Portal .

You can take the PERT test through the College once it is made available. The fee is $20 and to be paid to SJR State College. Contact the College’s testing office to make arrangements. You must have already submitted an application to the college to be eligible to test. Current dual enrollment students are also eligible to test.

For Fall 2020 only, students may use their PSAT score reports or choose to request an eligibility review by the college in lieu of submitting ACT, SAT, or PERT test scores. See the BTHS DE Document Portal for details.

* APPLY to be a dual enrollment student with SJR State as instructed above before proceeding with TESTING instructions.
* CHECK your email to retrieve your Username and Password to access the SJR Canvas platform. (There will be a time delay until the college processes your application, so check back regularly.)
* CONTACT the SJR State Testing Center at[email protected]to set up your PERT test.
* CHECK your EMAIL and review the instructions from the Testing Center on how to register for the PERT Test.
* PAY your $20 PERT testing fee. It will be added to your SJR State account.

* Do not APPLY to the SJR State dual enrollment program if you have already applied or participated in SJR State dual enrollment.
* Do not send in a Signature Page to TEST if you are already a SJR State dual enrollment student, even if you need to take the PERT test with the college.


STEP THREE: Register for Courses.
Deadline: 5:30pm, Thursday, July 2, 2020

If you plan to take SJR State courses at one of the SJR State campuses (including its online campus!)
you will complete a fillable PDF Course Registration document and submit it to the BTHS DE Document Portal by the deadline.

The Fall 2020 course schedule is NOW POSTED on the SJR State web site . You are required to submit the Course Registration paperwork to the BTHS DE Document Portal no later than 5:30pm on Thursday, JULY 2, 2020.

Monitor this BTHS Guidance web site for dual enrollment updates
at https://www-bths.stjohns.k12.fl.us/guidance/dual/.