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Dual Enrollment at St. Johns River State College (SJRSC)

Dual Enrollment Info for

PLEASE READ >  Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Need to take the PERT?   Dual Enrollment PERT flyer

What kind of high school credit will a student earn with a college course?
Students can review the dual enrollment course equivalency list below to determine if
the dual enrollment course will
meet a high school graduation requirement.
Dual Enrollment – High School Equivalency List

Where Your Test Scores Can Take you

SJRSC Qualifying Placement Test Scores


Click here to view the Course Registration for Spring 2021

Directions for Registration:

  1. Access the portal link provided by your high school.   CLICK HERE
  2. You will need to use your student s# email and password to sign in (same as student HAC login). If you do not use this to login, you will receive an error message that you do not have access.
  3. This form is to upload all your dual enrollment paperwork in a secure environment. Please only upload PDF documents. To see directions on saving a webpage or Word document as a PDF, view this link: Please click “Save as PDF” when saving your document before uploading it, and do not complete it in “Preview” mode, otherwise it makes the form appear blank when the school tries to download your submission.
  4. Question #1-“I have taken dual enrollment courses previously at [School Name] HS or at a SJR State Campus (including SJR State online).” Answer yes or no.
    1. If yes, skip to question #3.
    2. If no, follow the link in Question #2 to submit the online dual enrollment application. Then, complete the signature page, name and save it using the instructions listed, and upload it. (Tip: Once you save the file, close and re-open it before uploading to make sure the text you entered was saved.)
  5. Question #3-“Upload a PDF of your complete set of TEST scores here if you have not previously submitted scores from ACT, SAT, or PERT to SJR State.” (Tip: Ensure scores are legible)
  6. Question #4-“ Complete the fillable Registration/Approval form. Include your course CRN and days/times on your Registration/Approval form. (Tip: Ensure your student “X” number is listed on your form. This number is generated by your SJR State application. If you have already taken courses with SJR, you can find this number in your MySJRState account. If you do not remember how to login to your account, find support here. Your school counselor and/or school dual enrollment contact does not have access to your student “X” number and will not accept your paperwork without it.)
  7. Check the box to receive an email receipt of your responses so you will know what you submitted.
  8. Click “Submit”.
  9. Question #5-If you have to adjust your course registration, upload your adjusted registration form to this question.
  10. Once you receive your final student schedule, please upload it here:


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