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Library Services

The BTHS Media Center is a growing, vital part of the curriculum at Bartram Trail High School. We have over 20,000 volumes, 500 videos, 20 desktop PC computers. 3 mobile computer labs, 60 periodicals, and 3 newspaper subscriptions, audio books, plus Nettrekker, a subscription search engine and databases.

Our goal is to support the curriculum of Bartram Trail by enhancing the teachers’ and students’ educational journey through print, non-print and electronic materials.

We are the liaison to the public library as well as nearby college and university libraries.

Media Center Uses:

Reading for pleasure
Internet searches
Magazines and newspapers
Blue screen announcements
Small group study carrels

Media Specialists:

The Media Specialists are available to assist with book selection, guided research, and multimedia presentations. Assistance is provided in securing materials from other sources such as: other high schools, public libraries, and university libraries. Bookmark our NetTrekker, subscription search engine, and databases on your computer for remote access from your home.

Media Center Etiquette:

Students must have IDs visible in the Media Center.
Please enter/exit quietly.
Sign in on the clipboard upon entering.
Treat all people and materials with respect.
Remember to stop at the circulation desk to check out items before leaving.
If you need help- ASK!

Computer Use:

Computers are to be used for research.
Online Media Center catalog is available on each computer.
Students should have their IDs beside the computer with the internet stamp.
All printing may be picked up and paid for at the circulation desk.

Students must have an Internet Approval Use form on file in the Media Center before accessing the Internet.


Computers are for educational uses only.

Library Fines & Fees:

Copying and Printing- $.10 per page.
CD’s are $.25

General collection books may circulate for one month.
The overdue fine is $.10 per item per day

Special collection items circulate overnight only.
Overdue fine is $1.00 per item per day

Please pay at the circulation desk.

General Collection:

Fiction- “F” Novels, science fiction, mysteries, classics, historical and realistic fiction, all arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

Audio Books- “CAS” Books on tape in the fiction section.

Non Fiction- True, informational books on all subjects arranged by Dewey Decimal numbers.

Biography-“B” Books about famous people arranged in alphabetical order by the person’s last name.

Special Collections:

Reference- “R” Items to be used in the Media Center.

Videos- “VT” Instructional videos shelved throughout the collection.

Career- “C” Career research books.

Magazines- Past issues of popular magazines