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Lettering Criteria and Post-Season Recognition

To earn a varsity letter in cross country athletes will need to accumulate 40 points over the season.

Athletic Clearance completed on the first official day of the season 5pts
Return ALL issued uniforms within one week of your season ending 5pts
Uniform returned late, damaged, or dirty -5pts
Zero unexcused misses all season 10pts
Compete in a varsity meet 5pts
Win a varsity race 10pts
Win a JV race 5pts
Recruit a new teammate in the month of August who finishes the season. 5pts/recruit
Run a personal record (PR) in a race 2pts
Make the post season roster 10pts
Race at the State Meet 10pts


To be eligible for special team recognition at the end of the season, athletes must accomplish the following:
1. Be listed on the FHSAA 15 member post season roster.
2a. Compete in at least one FHSAA State Series race: District, Region, State.
2b. Be part of the State Meet racing travel squad.