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TRY-OUTS Jan. 25-28, 2021 4:15pm (2:15p on Wed.)
Returning varsity begins practice on Jan 25th.
Required Registration and Medical Clearance happens here: 
*all athletes trying out must be cleared before they are allowed to try-out or practice.

  • Sponsorship Packet for 2021 Cap. Improvement Projects
  • 2021 Parent Meeting Slides
  • 2021 Parent Handbook
  • Become an FHSAA T&F Official
  • Boys 2021 Roster
  • Girls 2021 Roster
  • Boys Try-out Results
  • Girls Try-out Results
  • FAQ about the athlete registration process.
    • If the athlete’s status appears as “uncleared,” that means our administrator hasn’t reviewed their physical yet. While this is frustrating it serves as a safeguard in the system. We want our trainer to review the physicals in advance and note any concerns up front.
    • If the athlete’s status appears as “denied,” this indicates something is missing or was entered incorrectly by the athlete/parent. The system automatically sends an email explaining the denial, but these emails most often go to spam and may lead to confusion. The most common problems:
      o Student and/or parent didn’t sign or date page 1 of their physical. Both must sign.
      o Physical wasn’t done on the official EL2/FHSAA form.
      o Physical is missing a page or wasn’t properly uploaded. It must be the EL2 and both pages must be uploaded as a single document on the platform.
    • Athletes should not create another account when trying out for multiple sports. You can simply “add Sport” in the athlete’s account.
    • The concussion test box on Athletic Clearance is confusing. Students must watch the concussion video and sign as part of their account set-up/clearance, but they will not be tested until after tryouts.
    • Athletes are cleared and can tryout regardless of GPA. It is NOT a factor in the clearance platform. However, there is a minimum GPA and that will be audited during the try-out week but the athletic department.