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Master Schedule and Course Selection


The following are resources for the students of Bartram Trail High School to utilize to select their academic pathway.  Please note that there is no “perfect” academic pathway to success. Students will complete registration completely ONLINE.  The Master Schedule is designed, maintained, and modified by our Registrar, Ms. Melissa Roughan.

2024-2025 Course Scheduling FAQ 

CLICK HERE>> How to Select Electives Online via HAC
CLICK HERE>>2024-2025 Course Scheduling Timeline
CLICK HERE>> 2024-2025 Course Progressions
CLICK HERE>> 2024-2025 BTHS Course Catalog
CLICK HERE>> 2024 BTHS Dual Enrollment Timeline
CLICK HERE>> BTHS Dual Enrollment FAQ
CLICK HERE>> AP and Dual Enrollment Comparison Sheet
CLICK HERE>> Florida State University AP Credit


CLICK HERE>> 2024 Welcome to Bear Nation! 8th Grade Night
CLICK HERE>>  College Rep Panel on choosing High School Courses
CLICK HERE>> AP and Dual Enrollment

CLICK HERE>> Core Recommendation Re-evaluation Form (Only requests for ENGLISH, MATH, SCIENCE & SOCIAL STUDIES submitted here, all others please use the Non Academy Elective Replacement Form) 
CLICK HERE>> Non Academy Elective Replacement Form
CLICK HERE>> Academy Drop Form
CLICK HERE>> Intention to take Dual Enrollment on SJRSC Campus
CLICK HERE>> Virtual Lab Request

Please take the following into consideration when planning for your student’s next school year:

  • Make your course selections with your post-high school PLANS IN MIND.
  • YOU MUST have core academics that meet graduation requirements, those planning to:
  • Academic RIGOR in multiple subject areas
    Coursework I will see again in college that will help me with PRIOR KNOWLEDGE (i.e. Anatomy Physiology, Physics, Creative Writing, Art History, Technology, 2-D ART, etc.)
  • A continuation of my ACADEMY courses
    Multiple levels of World Language (no less than 2 levels for Florida schools; some out of state schools require more)
  • A continuation of my ELECTIVES program (Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Photography, Digital Video, World Language, Theatre, Chorus, Band)
  • Accumulate community service hours
  • Academically challenging courses
    Courses to develop my PRIOR KNOWLEDGE in subject areas I find difficult or subject areas that will support my degree program
  • A continuation of my ACADEMY courses
  • A second level of world language with grades of “C” and higher so I can choose to be exempt from taking additional units of world language in my AA transfer degree (unless I am majoring in a language-required degree or if I want to take more language at the college level)
  • No, I do not need world language to graduate high school or to enroll at a Florida state college—BUT I DO NEED TWO LEVELS OF ONE WORLD LANGUAGE FOR BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY)
  • Community service hours
  • Academics that support continued career and technical interests
  • Electives I enjoy and new electives I have not yet been able to complete in prior school years
  • Completion of courses that support the Bright Futures Vocational Gold Seal Scholarship
  • Test Preparation courses to meet graduation and vocational benchmarks if testing is a struggle for me
  • Community Service Hours
  • Executive Co-Op to explore career skills and earn high school elective credit


  • Academics that support military career interests so I can develop academic strength in those areas
  • Completion of at least two years of one world language to support the opportunities I may be provided for college courses while enlisted
  • Completion of my AFJROTC program, if enrolled
    Bright Futures Eligibility requirements for post-military opportunities


  • Completion of ACADEMY and/or ELECTIVE course series
  • Executive CO-OP program to explore career skills and earn high school elective credit (up to three or four sections available based on hours of work scheduled and remaining graduation requirements)
  • Test Preparation courses to meet graduation testing requirements if needed
  • Voluntary Internship Program for exploration of career skills in office or other areas