Bartram Trail Colorguard


Jason Duckett, Band Director
Brandon Clemens, Colorguard Instructor

We would like to congratulate you on your decision to be a part of the 2008-2009 Bartram Trail HS Guard. Our goal is to provide you with a challenging and healthy atmosphere in both your physical and mental abilities. During the season, you will learn several colorguard skills that may include dance, flag, rifle and sabre techniques.

Attendance Policy
Tardiness: All team members are to be on time to all functions. Starting on time is essential to building responsible and effective behaviors in this area. We strive for exellence and the ability to use all available time is very important.
Rehearsals: All rehearsals are mandatory. The success of the organization depends on the attendance of EVERY performing member. A schedule for the entire season has been provided above for easy reference. Any isolated confilcts must be addressed IN ADVANCE with Mr. Duckett. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL BE GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL FROM THE TEAM.
Performances: All performances are mandatory. The ability to perform is why we participate in this activity.

Rehearsal Requirements

  1. Attendance is mandatory
  2. Punctuality is expected
  3. Performers respect instructors and teammates
  4. No baggy clothing. Form fitting dance attire is expected. Only dark clothers are allowed
  5. Hair is to be pulled back and out of the face
  6. No gum allowed at any time

Contact Information

Jason Duckett: [email protected]