Coaches Announcements

Parent Assistance During Swim Meets

Swim Meets are one of the most challenging times for swim teams. Why? Because it takes manpower to run them. What do we need? Timers – we need two timers per lane to start and stop the stopwatches when swimmers are swimming. We need a “Runner” to pick up the timers cards and get them to the computer operator. We need  “Computer Operators” to input the times from the cards so the meet can be scored. We need a starter, someone to fire off the horn to start each race. Bottom line, swim meets cannot run efficiently without assistance from you.

Other Parent Positions

Apparel – We need two parents to help gather information about swim suit sizes, shirt sizes, etc – all the peripheral stuff that goes along with swimming. Plus distribute the goods when they arrive.

Coaching Philosophy:
Swimming is a lifelong sport.
Once a swimmer always a swimmer.
Through hard work success will follow.
Swimmers need to know that this sport is about “input” and “output”.
So, if a swimmer puts in high effort, then the end result will be fast swim times.

Swim Meet Line-ups
In order to win swim meets, the coaching staff will sometimes place swimmers in events that may not be their “favorite” or “strongest”. It needs to be noted that swim meets are stepping stones to Conference, Districts, Regional, and State. Swim meets give the coaching staff the ability to see where swimmers will help when it comes to the Championship season.

Relay Line-ups
Relays may and sometimes may not be made up of the 4 fastest swimmers on the team. Sometimes, based on the meet line-up, Relay teams will be comprised of various levels of swimmers.

swim-meet-29(1)Event Line-up

Swim meets are a “team” effort by all.  We cannot host swim meets without a healthy group of volunteers.

The following are positions that are needed to be filled when we host a swim meet

Computer Operators (CO) (2 People) – This job involves training.  You will be taught how to operate Meet Manager software that is linked to our automatic timing system. CO’s will work in conjunction with the Starter to ensure the smooth running of the meet.  CO’s will create the heat sheets for the home and visiting team coaches and will post heat sheets where all swimmers can see which lane they are assigned to.

Starter (2 People) – This job involves training.  If you are a certified USS Starter that is even better.  But, if you are a USS certified turn and stroke judge you can also start our meets.  If we have no one that is USS certified, that still okay.  We would like to have two people just in case there is a scheduling conflict.

Timers (6-12 People) – This job involves some training. If we are hosting a home meet we would like to have two timers per lane.  Your job will be to time a swimmer and record their time on a swimmers card and on the lanes heat sheet. Sometimes parents from the visiting team will want to help, but just in case we’d like to have twelve.  If we are away, it would be nice to have at least 6 parents who would be willing to help the host team with timing.

Swimmer’s responsibility – Swimmers must help by setting up chairs at the end of the lanes (2 per lane) and assist in setting up the automatic timing system. Swimmers are expected to stay for the entire meet, unless a prior arrangement has been established.  At the end of the meet, and after congratulating their opponent, swimmers are expected assist in cleaning up the pool deck (picking up garbage), help put chairs away, cover the blocks, assist in tearing down the timing system


Varsity Letter Requirements

For a swimmer/diver to achieve a “Varsity” letter they must score 14 varsity points throughout the dual meet season. If a swimmer is a member of a relay, the points achieved by that relay team will be divided amongst the 4 swimmers (i.e. 4 pts / 4 swimmers = 1 point each)

Swimmers/Divers that do no achieve the 14 varsity points during the dual meet season are eligible for a Varsity Participation Award. This is not to be confused with a Varsity letter.

Swimmers/Divers who are selected to be a member of the Championship team (Districts and up) are automatically eligible for a Varsity award.


State Championship Awards

Swimmers/Divers who win their individual event (i.e. 200 IM) are eligible for a State Championship medal (provided by FHSAA) and ring (BT Athletic Dept and Boosters contributes $150, any overage the swimmer/diver makes up the difference). Swimmers who win 2 individual events are only eligible for 1 ring.

In order for a swimmer/diver to be eligible for a “team” championship ring (BT Athletic Dept and Boosters contributes $150, any overage the swimmer/diver makes up difference.) they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Swimmers must make Finals A or B and score team points.
  2. Swimmers must be part of a relay team that makes Finals A or B and score team points, this will include alternates who swim.
  3. Divers must make it to the scoring rounds of diving, top 16, and score points.

Swimmers/Divers who do not make it to finals A or B. OR, do not score points for the team are only eligible for the a team medal.  Swimmers/Divers are NOT eligible for a team ring.


Dual Meets

Individual 1st=6, 2nd=4, 3rd=3, 4nd=2, 5th=1, 6th=0

Relays 1st=8, 2nd=6, 3rd=4


Championship Meets (Team Points)

1     2   3     4   5   6     7   8   9 10   11 12 13 14 15 16

20, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 9, 7,     6,   5, 4,   3,   2, 1

Relays – Double the points from the individual events


It must be noted that all Championship meets, Districts, Regionals, and State are individual meets. No points are carried over to the next meet. All teams start at zero “0” points. Swimmers and divers must prove themselves to move on to the next level and earn points.