Social Studies Department


Teacher Name Room # Subject  Email Link  webpage
William Blythe Room: 660 Government [email protected] webpage
Robert Bruns  (Dept. Chair) Room: 620 AP Art History and AP World History [email protected] webpage
James Cronin Room: 640 U.S History and AMH2010/2020 Dual Enrollment [email protected] webpage
Jordan Cruze Room: AP Human Geography [email protected] webpage
Carol-Anne Dowling Room: World History [email protected] webpage
David Frank Room: 635 AP Econ and Economics [email protected] webpage
A.J. Iacono Room: 670 AP Government and World History [email protected] webpage
Quinn O’Brien Room: 645 Economics [email protected] webpage
Ed Snyder Room: 615 World History and AP World History [email protected] webpage
Jacob Teuscher Room: 625 American History & AP US History [email protected] webpage
Mark Vershaw Room: US History & World History [email protected] webpage
Patricia Warren Room: 218 AP Psychology [email protected] webpage
Mike Weflen Room: N202 World Cultural Geography [email protected] webpage
Ben Windle Room: 620 AP US History [email protected] webpage