Math Department


Teacher Name Room # Subject  Email Link  webpage
Deborah Bowers Room: N222 Geometry and AVID [email protected] webpage
Maria Callinan Room: 820 Algebra 2 Honors and Algebra 2 [email protected] webpage
Jeff Davis Room: N224 Algebra 1 and Geometry Honors [email protected] webpage
Milton Geddes Room: 955 Algebra 1 and Geometry [email protected]
Grace DeLaughter Room: N135 [email protected] webpage
Megan Hinson Room: N227 Algebra 1 and AVID [email protected] webpage
Kristin Jasper Room: N221 Geometry Honors and Geometry [email protected] webpage
Taurean Johnson Room: 945 Geometry and Geometry Honors [email protected]
Christal Jones Room: ATM and Algebra 2 [email protected]
Kate Keating Room: 720 AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC [email protected] webpage
Rhoda Manning Room: 740 Geometry Honors and Pre-Calculus [email protected] webpage
Rodney McKee Room: 995 LAM 1 and Financial Algebra [email protected] webpage
Catherine Porter Room: 730 AP Calculus AB, Algebra 2 Honors, Pre-Calculus [email protected]
Kelly Rogge Room: N226 Algebra 1 Honors and Algebra 1 [email protected]
Cindy Rustici Room: 750 Algebra 2 Honors and Pre-Calculus [email protected] webpage
Bette Smith  Room: N223 Algebra 1 A and 1B and Algebra 1 [email protected] webpage
Lucinda Williamson Room: 985 MCR and Financial Algebra [email protected] webpage
Jenna Yow (Dept. Chair) Room: 830 AP Statistics and Honors Statistics [email protected] website