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Advanced Placement
Art History
Mr. Bruns

I will be coordinating a one day field trip for students who are interested in the field of archeology and forensic archeology.  This will cost money for bus and conference fees.  This will give you the opportunity to investigate a possible college career.  I will post further information as it comes in.

Room - 660
e-mail - brunsr@stjohns.k12.fl.us  (this is the best way to get in touch with me)
Video Reviews
Romanesque Art and Architecture
Speyer Cathedral
The Pisa Complex

Gothic Art and Architecture
Salbury Cathedral
Pisa Baptistry Pulpit

Fourteenth-Century Art in Europe (1300-1400)
Arena Chapel (Four Parts)

Piazza Pubblico, Siena

15th Century Northern European Art
"Man with Red Turban" - Jan van Eyck
Van Eyck, Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife, 1434

Textbook for Class


All Summer assignments are due on the first day of class.


Architectural Simulations:
Corbel Construction - make sure you have Quicktime downloaded


Some Images for Chapter 1
willendorfa.jpg  peplosdugup.jpg wounded_bison.jpg stnhng2.jpg
ziggurat_ur_recona.jpg    VotiveFigures(eshnunna).jpg  stele_naramsin.jpg    VotiveGudea.jpg    SteleOfHammurabi.jpg

Websites for Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Websites for Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Websites for Chapter 5

Links for Key Images Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Etruscan and Roman Art and Architecture

Chapter 7 Early Christian and Jewish Art
Study Guide Questions:
Name two important women associated with Byzantine history and culture. Describe their contributions to Byzantine history and culture.

The Hagia Sophia is known for its large dome, but the Cathedral of San Marco consists of 5 smaller domes. What do you think is the advantage of each?

Name two ways in which the addition of transcepts to the basilica were very useful.

Explain the differences in how the Jewish religion sees icons differently than the Early Eastern Christian religion.

What are 'galleries' in a Byzantine Church, and why were they created?

Select any two churches or cathedrals in this section. Compare and Contrast the two.

What happened in Constantinople in 1453, and how did this affect the Eastern Byzantine Empire?

Chapter 15 pdf notes as of Nov. 5

Chapter 16 an 17 Review
Chapter 18 ppt Review

Symbolism in Art

Post Impressionism



[Link]Surrealism on Youtube

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