Faculty & Staff


Teacher/Staff (Click on the name for their webpage) Subject or Job Title Email (Click below to email)
Abbs, Trevor  Assistant Principal  email
Abell, Lauren Assistant Principal  email
Aston, Jennifer Executive Secretary email
Badger, Ryan Career Academy IT email
Baker-Smith, Katy Science  email
Belcik, Natalie Dance email 
Belcik, Paul Virtual Asst.
Besley, Julie Guidance A-D 11th,12th
Blythe, William Social Studies email
Borstelmann, Shelly Bookkeeper email
Boyett, Elizabeth  ESE email
Bransford, Kristina Science email 
Brooks, Beverly Language Arts email
Brown, Erin Language Arts email
Bruns, Robert Social Studies email
Burnside, Shandon Language Arts  email
Callinan, Maria Math  email
Carroll, Michelle Dean  email
Cassada, Allison Language Arts  email
Chambers, Katherine Science email
Chancellor, Michael Language Arts email
Ciruzzi, Michael Computer Operator  email
Clark, Kathryn Language Arts  email
Cleveland, Susan Design  email
Coleman, Barbara Language Arts email
Coolican, Tracy Foreign Language email
Cronin, James Social Studies email
Crossen, Alexandra Drama  email
Crowe, Cathy Dean email
Cruze, Jordan Social Studies email
Curren, Robert Social Studies  email
Davis, Jeff Math email
Dean, Robert Science email
Delaughter, Grace Plato Lab email
Dideo, Nereida  Spanish email
Dohman, Kimberlee Receptionist  email
Dorst, Joy Drafting email
Doughtry, Karen Language Arts email
Dowling, Carol-Anne Social Studies email
Duckett, Jason Band email
Echt, Leslie Foreign Language email
Edwards, Allison Television Production email
Evans, Melanie Athletic Secretary  email
Farina, Catherine Business Education  email
Fitzpatrick, Timothy EBD PARApro  email
Frank, David Social Studies email
Gaona, Ben Band  email
Garvin, Stephanie Language Arts  email
Gash, Thomas Science email
Geddes, Milton Math  email
Giangaspro, Stacy Language Arts email
Goodrich, Jennifer Foreign Language email
Graham, Aretha Guidance 10th Grade email
Gregory, Michelle Computer Operator email 
Gurzi, Teresa ESE email
Hammett, Stephanie Testing Coordinator email
Hampton, Ofelia Spanish email
Harman, Jennifer Physical Education email
Harris, Laura ParaPro  email
Hastings, Shawna 9th Grade Center Secretary email
Hatcher, Jason ESE/Learning Strategies   email
Hayward, LeAnna Photography/Design email
Hinson, Megan Math  email
Homes, Dori Science  email
Huber, Amy Literacy Coach  email
Hughes, Christina Science email
Iacono, AJ Social Studies email
Irwin, Anne Language Arts email
Jacobson, Danielle Science email
Jasper, Kristin Math email
Jens, Jane Language Arts email
Johns, Kathy Deans’/Clinic Secretary email
Johnson, Taurean  Math email
Jones, Christal Math email
Keating, Kate Math email
Kekic, Lainey Social Studies  email
Kemp, Terri Nurse email
Kisch, Michelle Academy Specialist email
Knolhoff, Seth Science  email
Krupp, Judie Speech  email
Langholm, Jim Psychologist  email
LeFevre, Antone ROTC email
Leipert, Ember Science  email
Lindemann, Deanna 2D Art email
Line, Sam Social Studies  email
Lopez, Toylena Spanish  email
Loverich, Kalyn  English email
Lyons, Mack Technical Support  email
Manning, Rhoda Math email
Marsh, Rebekah Fashion  email
Mattice, Kristy Business Ed email
Mattingly, Barbara Music email
Mattox, Sandy Cafeteria Mgr. email
McCaffrey, Dawn EBD  email
McKee, Rodney Math email
McKenzie, Brett Parking Attendant  email 
Michling, Hayley Social Studies  email
Miles, Harold ROTC  email
Miller, Arlene Clerk Th-F
Miller, Megan Gifted email
Moseley, Charles IT email
Moseley, Tanya Guidance H-O 11th,12th  email
Mullen, Mary Language Arts email
Murray, Shannen  Social Studies  email
Nadeau, Marc PE email
Nicholson, Samantha Mental Health  email
Nunez, Kimberly  English  email
O’Brien, George ESE email
O’Brien, Quinn Social Studies email
Ottenstein, Cori ASL  email
Owens, Rene Clerk M-W
Parker, Chad ESE email
Parker, Danielle Language Arts email
Parrott, Emily EBD  email
Patterson, Christopher Math / Science email
Patterson, Suzanne Guidance   email
Peaver, Pete Dean  email
Phelps, Chris Principal email
Ponce, Todd Maintenance Coord. email
Porter, Catherine  Math email
Prakash, Sunil Science email
Ramsay, Kathleen Guidance   email
Reagan, Ronald Science email
Reynolds, Eden Language Arts  email
Richards, Kathleen Guidance  email
Richardson, Stephen Assistant Principal  email
Roberts, Barbie ESE ParaPro email
Rodriguez, Jen HOPE/PE  email
Rogge, Kelly Math email
Roughan, Melissa Registrar  email
Rustici, Cindy Math email
Scott, David Science  email
Sepesi, Amy Language Arts  email
Smith, Bette Math  email
Smith, Suzy Media Specialist email
Snyder, Ed Social Studies email
Sowers, Tony Dean  email
Stephens, Larry Science  email
Sterling, Michelle Guidance P-Z, 11th,12th
Stone, Jordan Math  email
Sutherland, Darrell Language Arts email
Sutherland, Mary Media Center PARApro  email
Symonette, Carla Math  email
Tax, Kathryn Art  email
Teuscher, Jacob Social Studies email
Teuscher, Jeremiah Physical Education email
Treaster, Tami Guidance   email
Tugya, Julie Science email
Van Arsdale, Maxwell Social Studies  email
Vann, Shelly Athletic Trainer email
Walker, Caylie Language Arts  email
Walsh, Thomas EBD PARApro  email
Warren, Tricia AP Psychology email
Weathersbee, Julie Social Studies   email
Williamson, Amelia ESE  email
Williamson, Lucinda Math email
Wilson, Betsy English email
Windle, Ben Athletic Director email
Wolfe, John Science email
Young, Jane Front Desk/Office Asst. email