Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements differ slightly for each year, depending on the year you entered high school and the year you are supposed to graduate. Our guidance team is made up of expert academic advisors and we look forward to helping you get to graduation! Please view the attached graduation requirement sheets for more information.

Graduation Requirements 2014-15 Entry SENIOR

Graduation Requirements 2015-16 Entry JUNIOR

Graduation Requirements 2016-17 Entry SOPHOMORE

Graduation Requirements 2017-18 Entry FRESHMEN (coming soon!)

All students must pass the 10th grade Reading/ELA test & Algebra 1 EOC, maintain a cumulative, unweighted GPA of at least a 2.0, and have 24 credits including:

4 English
4 Math (including Algebra 1 and Geometry)
3 Science (Biology plus two)
3 Social Studies (World History, American History, Government/Economics)
1 Performing/Fine Art
1 HOPE (Health Opportunities through Physical Education)
8 Electives

Students must take at least one course through an online learning environment (such as St Johns Virtual School). The course can be a 0.5 credit course or a 1.0 credit course. Students may not take one semester of a full year course to meet this requirement.

Please remember that World Language is NOT required for graduation; however, all four-year universities and the Bright Futures Scholarship require a minimum of two sequential years of the same World Language. At Bartram Trail, we currently offer Spanish and American Sign Language.