Cords for Graduation

A cord representing members of the BTHS Equine Club is available for graduating seniors to purchase.

ClubCordsThe Equine Club cords are tri-color: Chestnut, Black, and Green. Founding member Alli Caves assisted in the selection of the club cords that will represent BTHS Equine Club graduates for years to come. Why these three colors?

All horses genetically begin as chestnut or black in color. For this reason, a black cord and a chestnut cord were selected to represent the Equine Club. All other horse colors, patterns, and coat variations come from either a chestnut or a black genetic foundation. Chestnut derived patterns and colors never have black and black patterns and colors do not have chestnut. Bays have an additional genetic coding combined with the black genetic code.

Why the green? This color represents fields forever green for both the horse and the human! The BTHS Equine Club subscribes to natural care and keeping of horses. Vast acreage that allows for horses to move freely may prevent the negative physical and mental impact often associated with equine confinement. While overconsumption of green grass can also be problematic for a horse, the green cord is meant to symbolize freedom, tranquility, and abundance for our horse friends and for our graduating seniors! Congratulations to the BTHS class of 2016!

AlliCaveswithGraduationCordsCropped Pictured here is club sponor, Mrs. Besley, with 2015-16 graduating senior, Alli Caves. Alli will receive the first issue of BTHS Equine Club cords. Thank you, Alli, for assisting in the selection of this meaningful trio of colors to help celebrate the human & the horse! Best wishes to you as the first Equine Club graduate!