Here are the minutes from the 2006 NEWCOMER Meeting. We have posted these as a courtesy to our new members so they may be able to have some answers to questions.

Information on working as a Band Parent Volunteer:
St. Johns County tracks volunteer hours worked at each school. Managers will turn in volunteer hours for chaperones and concessions volunteers. Any other hours you contribute to “the cause,” please document monthly and turn in to Sandi Hartman.
Every volunteer needs to turn in a St. Johns County Schools Volunteer Application Form even if you already filled one out at another school. If you have not filled one out for BTHS in the past two years, please fill out both back and front pages. Here are the On-Line Instructions as well, in case you are more adapt at that than filling out the form by hand.

Band parents chaperone all football games– home and away as well as FBA events. Chaperones for away games and performances need to be aware that they must ride the bus with the students to and from the event, and they must realize that siblings are not allowed. Chaperones are also needed for Saturday events. Please check the calendars for September, October, and November for game and competition dates, and sign up with Laurie Haenszel to chaperone. This is a great way to get to know your fellow boosters!

Concession Stand
The Band Boosters runs its own concession stand on the visitor side at all home games. We cook hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage dogs, french fries, plus all the usual fare. We also host District 21 S&E in February as well as taking care of food for students during camps and other long rehearsals.
As a chaperone or concession volunteer, you pay no admission to the game. Your name will be placed on a list which will be checked as you enter the stadium the evening for which you have signed up.
We need workers for the concession stand for each home game.

Driving For Funds has made an offer to present the BTHS Band with a $10 donation, to the band’s general fund, for every person who registers to take their online driving course and mentions being referred by Bartram Band. This online class is for first time drivers as well as those wishing to take a traffic course following a ticket or accident. See for registration and more information.

Business Contributors
If you know of a business, or own your own business, willing to be a corporate sponsor for the Spirit of Bartram, please contact Marisa Leonard!