Good news!  The Bartram Trail Athletic Department is going paperless. We are implementing this new paperless system July 1, 2016.  You will no longer have to print off, complete athletic required forms and turn them into the school (only to find that something is missing). You will be able to read the forms, sign them electronically and submit them.  The only exception is the sport physical form (EL2) which will still have to be completed by the physician and submitted electronically (downloaded/scanned to us).  Our expectation is that every athlete be registered by their parent/guardian before the start of the sport season’s tryouts.  Any physical that we have turned in for the 2016-17 school year will be uploaded for you once you have created a registration/account for your athlete.  Although you may have already turned in the other paperwork (EL3, parent/athlete code of conduct and victory with honor forms), we need you to go online and acknowledge the completion of these forms online with an electronic signature. Should you have any questions, or technical difficulty/hardship, please contact Shelly Vann ([email protected]), our athletic trainer for assistance. We believe that you will find this new paperless/electronic system much less time consuming and easier to process.  Although this system is pretty self-explanatory, we are here to help you navigate this new process should you have any difficulty.


In order to transition to this new paperless environment, each athlete will have to register at:

(You can register by using any computer, tablet or smart phone device.)

  1. Find your school:  Find your school by selecting the state (Florida), and click on Bartram Trail HS. 
  2. Create an account:  Now begin creating your account by clicking the ‘create an account’ button.  After filling in the required information the system will automatically log you in and you will be required to accept the terms of use.
  3. Add a new athlete:  The next step is to add an athlete.  You can do so by clicking ‘add athlete’ underneath the ‘my athletes’ tab.  This only needs to be done once during your athlete’s entire career at a school.  The information entered here will carry over from year to year.  This information includes your athlete’s contact information and medical information.
  4. The athlete’s profile:  After you’ve created your athlete you will be brought to their Profile page.  This page is a summary of their info and involvement. 
  5. Register for a sport:  Click “+ Register For A Sport” to begin registration, you will be asked to choose which sport your athlete is registering for.
  6. Your registration checklist:  This page shows the status of your athlete’s registration.  You will be asked to complete several steps to complete registration including agreeing to documents, and completing the physical.
  7. Physicals:  Physical documents should be completed by both the parents and physician/medical professional.  Parents have the ability to upload these physical documents to the system.  Uploaded documents will need to be verified by the school administrator at the school prior to be accepted as complete.  (If a document upload is rejected for any reason, the parent will receive an email with the rejection reason.  After the error has been corrected, parents will be able to re-upload the document for verification.)
  8. Complete registration:  Your registration is complete once all items on the checklist have been completed.
  9. Future Seasons & Years:  Once your athlete has been added to your account, you only need to follow steps 6-9 to register them for another sport.